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The Factory

Gerardo Di Nola Pasta factory was founded in Gragnano in 1870. During the ‘30s the main headquarters were moved to Castellammare di Stabia where the factory operated until 1995; Gerardo Di Nola has always been a company characterized by a high degree of quality and prestige and by a great deal of attention dedicated to everything connected to food and wine, both nationally and internationally.

Nowadays, the pasta factory returns to Gragnano in order to continue along its initial path and to give even more prestige to hand-crafted pasta and to this historic company that, in the meantime, has evolved into a business with a good balance between past and future. Pasta production in Gragnano has very old roots, dating back to Romans, but it’s only at the end of the XVI century that the first family-run pasta factories actually appeared.

In the mid 1800s, Gragnano officially became “La Città dei Maccheroni” (City of maccaroni) thanks to Ferdinand II of the House of Bourbon: he gave the local manufacturers the task and the honour to prepare all the “pasta lunga” (long pasta) to be eaten by the royal family.

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