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Giovanni Assante

Giovanni Assante thinks that hand-crafted pasta is the embodiment of the sentiment of whoever produces it: it’s his soul, his culture, his sensibility to beauty and good; it’s the musicality of water, earth, fire and air. He’s not a son of artists, but he’s an intellectual connected to his earthly condition.
After his studies in Cassino and at the university of Naples, Literature and philosophy, Giovanni left for Il Mato Grosso. Subsequently he came back to Naples and found work as a commercial director at Gerardo Di Nola, a company of the greatest prestige, overflowing with history and charm.
After the headquarters in Castellammare di Stabia were shut down Giovanni, with many years of work on his shoulders and a genuine passion for pasta motivating him, decided to take over the market by giving back to Gerardo Di Nola and its pasta the honor they were known for.
A period of research started with the goal in mind to only use first-hand Italian materials, on top of shortening and improving the production chain.
Then, he made his first steps in the field of the communication of hand-crafted pasta.
Today, Giovanni, Ada and Mariaelena, together with their amazing team, have accomplished their dream to bring back Gerardo Di Nola to the heart of Gragnano, the home of pasta.

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