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Only 100% Italian Durum Wheat

Our pasta is made exclusively with Italian durum wheat semolina. The flour is obtained by grinding the wheat and it gives he pasta an amber color and protein elements that are transformed into gluten in processing as a result of hydration. Gluten is the backbone of the pasta, in fact, it determines the elasticity in cooking, it's pleasant smell and a slightly salty taste.


Bronze Dye

Our selected wheat is extruded only through bronze dies that shape the dough through keyhole-like molds. this gives our dough the rough, porous, and full-bodied texture perfect to receive and enhance the flavors of the sauce and seasoning. Our bronze die pasta also differs from others like it, due to its matte-bronze coloration. 

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Drying Process

It is one of the most important steps of production. We chose a method of slow drying, from 15-24 hours, at low temperatures which helps to preserve it's organoleptic properties and fragrance grain-- distinctly noticeable on the palate. Drying time depends specifically on the cut of pasta being made. Our short cut pasta is routinely dried on wooden frames, while our longer cuts are arranged on rods and bogies, set in static cells, and left until it's perfect for packaging. 

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